Abundant Birdlife Here at Renner Springs NT

Here at Renner Springs we are proud to have such an abundant array of wildlife. Many species of birds have been spotted around the area. If you are an avid birdwatcher and have time to spare then take the time to go birdwatching and see if you can spot any of the following birds or even add to our list.

See our Photo Gallery for some of the birds listed below which have been spotted here at Renner Springs.

Birds Seen at RENNER SPRINGS Can you add to this list?

Rainbow Bee-eater Magpie Lark/Mudlark

Mistletoe Bird Fairy Martin

Aust Buzzard, black breasted Yellow throated Miner

Crimson Chat Spotted Nightjar

Red tailed black Cockatoo Red browed Pardalote

Little Corella Crested Pigeon

Great Cormorant (Black or Big Black) Australian Pipit

Little black Cormorant Aust Ringneck

Pied Cormorant Black faced cuckoo Shrike

Australian Crow Collared Sparrowbank

Torresian Crow Purple Swamphen

Bush stone-Curlew Orange footed Scrub Fowl

Darter Grey Teal

Black-fronted Dotterel Chestnut-tailed Thornbill

Diamond Dove White-winged Triller

Peaceful Dove Willie-Wagtail

Whistling Duck Black faced Woodswallow

Little Eagle Dusky Woodswallow

Wedgetail Eagle Seagull

Intermediate Egret Weebill

White-breasted Woodswallow

Brown Falcon

Grey Falcon

Zebra Finch

Wood Duck


Australiasian (Little) Grebe


Nankeen Kestrel

Nankeen Night Heron

White Faced Heron

White-necked Heron

Black fronted Honey-eater

Brown Honey-eater

Dusky Honey-eater

Golden backed black chinned Honey-eater

Grey headed Honey-eater

Rufus throated Honey-eater

Singing Honey-eater

Spiny cheeked Honey-eater

White fronted Honey-eater

White plumed Honey-eater

Whistling Kite

Fork tailed or black Kite

Sacred Kingfisher

Masked Lapwing