We have the following fuel available:

LPG Gas (Origin Gas)

Unleaded Petrol (United Fuel)

Diesel (United Fuel)


We now have a 24hr card reader with Compac Online which accepts credit cards for fuel during the hours of 11.00 pm – 6.00 am.

IOR Diesel Fuel

Diesel available at discounted prices.

We have high flow bowsers available for filling up Roadtrains and Trucks

Fuel accounts are available to commerical customers at discounted prices. Refer to our credit appication online. Just complete the application and fax to us for consideration.

The general public may also be considered for credit terms. Conditions apply. Please contact us for further information.

This fuel is available at various locations refer to our site locations list.

Click on the next menu down "IOR Fuel Available" for more information and forms.