Bar & Restaurant Facilities

Breakfast Menu

Continental Breakfast $12.00
(fruit juice, fruit tub, cereal, toasted homemade bread, Jam, Tea or Coffee)

Fruit Juice 
(orange, apple)


(cornflakes, rice bubbles, weetbix, coco pops, nutrigrain, just right)

Toast & Spread 
(Jam, marmalade, vegemite, honey)


Hot Breakfast

Steak & Eggs 
Sausage, bacon and eggs 
Bacon & Eggs 

Sausages & Eggs 
Scrambled Eggs 
Savoury Mince 
Fried/Poached Eggs 
Spaghetti/Baked Beans/Tomato 
All meals served with homemade bread


Dinner Menu


Salad and/ or vegetale Plate 

Sausages with Gravy 

Deep Fried Fish (battered hake, imp) 

Rissoles and Gravy 


Crumbed/Battered Fish (imp) 

Roast Beef and Gravy 

 Lamb Chops 

Grilled Chicken Breast 

Chicken Schnitzel 

Rump Steak - 350gr 

T-Bone Steak - 450gr 

Extra - Home Baked Bread 

All meals serviced with Chips and Salad or Vegetables and Mash Potato

Kids Menu


Sausage & Chips/Mash Potato 

Fish & Chips 

Chicken Nuggets & Chips/Mash Potato 


Ice Cream & Topping 


Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce