Bar & Restaurant Facilities

Breakfast Menu

Continental Breakfast $12.00
(fruit juice, fruit tub, cereal, toasted homemade bread, Jam, Tea or Coffee)

Fruit Juice 
(orange, apple)


(cornflakes, rice bubbles, weetbix, coco pops, nutrigrain, just right)

Toast & Spread 
(Jam, marmalade, vegemite, honey)


Hot Breakfast

Steak & Eggs 
Sausage, bacon and eggs 
Bacon & Eggs 

Sausages & Eggs 
Scrambled Eggs 
Savoury Mince 
Fried/Poached Eggs 
Spaghetti/Baked Beans/Tomato 
All meals served with homemade bread


Dinner Menu


Salad and/ or vegetale Plate 

Sausages with Gravy 

Deep Fried Fish (battered hake, imp) 

Rissoles and Gravy 

Seafood Basket (imp) 

Crumbed Fish (imp) 

Roast Beef and Gravy 



Lamb Chops 

Grilled Chicken Breast 

Chicken Schnitzel 

Rump Steak - 350gr 

T-Bone Steak - 450gr 

Extra - Home Baked Bread 

All meals serviced with Chips and Salad or Vegetables and Mash Potato

Kids Menu


Sausage & Chips/Mash Potato 

Fish & Chips 

Chicken Nuggets & Chips/Mash Potato 


Ice Cream & Topping 


Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce