Guest Feedback

Renner Springs Desert Inn is a well known stop over for many Aussie travellers as well as international tourists passing through whilst travelling in the Northern Territory. Here are some of their most recent comments from our visitors book.


10/6/2018   James "Gold Coast Qld"  -  "Perfect Spot! Good beer!

11/6/2018   Drew "Paterson Lakes Vic"  -  "Awesome Spot"

12/6/2018   Peter & Roz "Port Lincoln SA"  -  "Great Pies"

12/6/2018   Bec and Randall "Darwin NT"  -  "Awesome!"

13/6/2018   Dart  "Korumburra Vic"  -  "Great Small Place"

13/6/2018   Chantelle & Dane  "Bombala NSW"  -  "Very nice!"

09/6/2018   Tony Mangan "Dublin Ireland"  -  "Thanks A Million to Alan for                                 spronsoring a night in the hotel His Kindness helps keep my world                           walk for cancer awareness going :)   Tony Mangan from Ireland is                           walking around the world for cancer awareness, started 27th                                   February, 2016"

07/6/2018    Abby  "UK Essex"  -  "Lovely place, reminds me of good times"